Gifts for a Child/Kid who has Everything for 2020 Christmas & Birthday

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Often in the various groups on Facebook I read requests for advice such as “next week is my nephew’s birthday, the problem is that he already has everything, what can I give him?”. So when it comes to present gifts for a child who has everything in 2020 it’s quiet a challenging task.

Scene from the movie “Paddington”

Here, we will help you to pick what to give to a child who already has everything?
Well, the first thing that would be spontaneous to answer is “if he already has everything, don’t give him anything”. 
The fact is that it doesn’t work like that … in fact, if it’s his birthday, at Christmas or on a thousand other occasions, you can’t simply “give nothing away”.

Moreover, often saying “already has everything” is a way of saying, to mean that he is a child who does not need anything in particular and who already has a bedroom full of the classic games advertised, but not who really has “everything”. .
So what to give to a child who does not miss anything important?

Here is a list of gifts to be on the safe side when you have to give a gift to a child who already has “everything”.


No matter how many Legos one already has, other Legos are always handy!
To be on the safe side, I recommend buying a Lego Classic box instead of a specific set (which you can’t know if it already has one). The classic loose pieces, on the other hand, are always good and are perfect for free play and fantasy … and the more the better! So you could give them to him on every birthday without ever making a mistake!

The same concept also applies to kinetic sand , for which the more there is, the better.
And for all those games / hobbies that require materials.
So if for example you know that he likes to create jewellery, a set of beads will certainly be appreciated even if he already has one.


Maybe the child in question already has a digital camera or a cell phone with which to take pictures … but the charm and fun of the instant camera is unsurpassed!
I recommend the Instax Mini which in addition to not having an excessive price is perfect to carry around.
It will also solve the problem of future gifts, because you can continue to give them the films ! And even those … are never enough!


This is a kind of gift that nobody ever thinks about, yet there are many very intriguing ones!
Brain teasers in wood or metal … or even in plastic like the classic rubik’s cube. They are intelligent games that will keep him busy for a while, which he can carry around at any time.
There are also whole sets with lots of mini puzzles to solve one after the other.
Or you can use the idea to give him money in an original way, putting the banknote inside one of the puzzle boxes. In this way you will also have the certainty that it will play!


There is the ” lava lamp ” which, once turned on, causes the strange fluid inside to move hypnotically.
There is the “fake aquarium” lamp with the fake jellyfish moving inside.
There are character-themed lamps, video games, with strange lighting effects!
There is the “planisphere” lamp: a kind of crystal ball with the planets of the solar system moving inside it.
There is the floating globe lamp

In short, the ideas are many and it does not matter if a lamp already has one in the bedroom (it will certainly have one), because if you point to something original … it will still be cool that you will not be able to appreciate and add to the furniture of his room.


Even the sheets are something that hardly comes to mind to give to a child, instead they can be very appreciated especially if they represent something they love: a character, the theme of a movie or a cartoon.
My daughter jumped for joy when she got Doctor Who’s!


Maybe he already plays something and therefore he likes music … or maybe he has never touched an instrument in his life and it could be the right opportunity to try!
Of course I’m not telling you to introduce yourself with a grand piano under your arm, but there are plenty of simple musical instruments that a child can start experimenting with.
– Ukulele : little and has only 4 strings, fantastic coast to start learning some chords
– Kalimba : simple and intuitive African musical instrument
– Otomatone musical instrument “stupid” very funny
– keyboard for the feet: it is a carpet that then folds in on itself (therefore it does not take up much space) that can be played by walking and hopping on it
– Electronic drums : especially recommended for older children. It is a real battery, but electronic, therefore with 2 advantages compared to the classic one: it takes up less space … and you can adjust the volume!

Alyssa and her Kalimba


To stay on the subject of music, another original gift is the karaoke microphone!
It is a bluetooth microphone that can also be connected to the phone to start the base on which you can sing (on youtube there are many) and acts both as a microphone and as a speaker, without the need for external speakers.
We have a lot of fun with ours, which also makes the eco effect!


Maybe he won’t miss sheets and colors… but a real painter’s easel with a lot of canvas ready to be filled with his art?
Also add a nice set of colors (tempera or acrylics, NO watercolors) and if you really want to exaggerate, a small painting manual.
Do you already have a tripod? Then a good supply of new canvases and brushes!


Find out who his favorite character / video game / movie / game is.
Then download a beautiful themed image from the internet and use it to create a personalized shirt with image + name on one of the many sites that allow you to do it!
Or you could print their own design on a shirt.
You will give him something unique that is not possible already!


Take a ride on Etsy and a world will open up!
Hand-carved magic wands for Harry Potter fans
Busy Book and Quiet Book super creative
Jewels and special accessories such as the necklace with sea water
And many other truly UNIQUE things

Obviously Etsy is not the only site on which you can buy handmade products. Even simply on facebook you can find many pages of artists and small craftsmen!


Find out if there is anything he collects.
For example: collect Pokémon cards? Trading cards? Various playing cards?
Give him some bags of cards to open to expand his collection!


A type of gift that will be particularly appreciated by slightly older children.

There are many “virtual” gifts that we can do and with which we certainly cannot go wrong because, even if it is something they already have, it will only add up!

Here are some ideas:

  • Spotify Premium subscription (for music)
  • Audible subscription (audiobooks)
  • Virtual coins for the games they play (Robux if they play Roblox, V-buck if they play Fortnite, etc …)
  • Reload for the Play Store (to buy apps on Android)
  • Reload for App Store (to buy apps on Apple)
  • Netflix subscription (to watch movies and cartoons)

In this case, if you do not already know the child well, ask the parents what might be most welcome.

If you want to buy him an app directly, I highly recommend Toca World, an app that is not a video game, but a real “digital toy” that allows you to play with your imagination, inventing your own personal stories! It’s like having an immense set of puppets available (which however we can never lose and which we must not tidy up)
Here a video of a story that I invented by playing with it

If you’re looking for adult unique gifts for someone who has everything then check out the post by our fellow friend Molly Miller.


There are many sites that offer the “surprise box” service. 
Generally they are thematic boxes (tricks, games, food, gadgets, books, cinema-themed things, etc …) whose content, however, is unknown.
You subscribe for a number of months of your choice and a different box full of surprises will arrive home every month!

For example, ToucanBox is perfect for creative children! 

To me who am a lover of Japan, two boxes that I liked a lot are the Yume Twins and the Tokyo Treat .
The first contains many kawaii gadgets and the second of particular Japanese snacks!

Here you can see the video in which we open the Tokyo Treat of November 2019

But in addition to these there are really many for all tastes!
Try searching for “monthly surprise boxes” or “subscription boxes” on google and a world will open up.

It can be an original idea for a gift and depending on the budget you can only give one or more (one going on for several months)! 

14) A BOOK

Giving a book seems like an almost obvious choice … but be careful, because it can be more difficult than we think!
In fact, books, especially as you go on with age, become something more and more intimate and subjective.
So even if we know it is a child who loves to read, the risk of giving him a book that is not suitable for his tastes (or that he has already read) is very high.

For example, my son loves reading very much, but he must choose the book himself! (or I’ll choose it, I know his tastes more than mine)

That’s why my advice is to move more towards “interactive” and not very personal books: books with mazes, jokes, game books, books with magic tricks, Guinness book of records, albums with stickers …

Daniel recently enjoyed the Minecraft joke book

Or if you really want to be on the safe side: a card with a voucher to spend in the library!

Ps: as an idea they also suggest a subscription to a magazine suitable for their age! It’s not really a book, but it’s a really good idea!


Food is another thing that can be easily given even to those who already have everything, since it is consumed!
Foods that a child may like?
Fake pizza made of candy Candy
Chupa Chups Giant
Cup + stock of Chobar Lollipop
Kinder gift box
Chocolate coins
Basket with various snacks

In fact, you can also opt for healthier alternatives if they come to your mind and if you know the tastes of the child.

Well, these are the top 15 best Gift ideas for a kid who has everything that came to my mind.
There are certainly many more, but I think that with these you can already find several ideas to find the perfect gift for “your” child who already has everything!

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