Green sauce

Hello girls and boys, today I want to start the week with something spicy. What do you think of a delicious green sauce? The reason why I have been sharing sauce recipes is because I am always asked by people who eat the sauces I prepare, how do I make them? So expect even more sauce recipes. 

Green Sause

  • Makes 20 servings 
  • Price per serving $ 0.10 


  • 6 large green tomatoes
  • 3 fresh jalapeƱo peppers
  • 6 fresh serrano peppers
  • 2 garlic
  • 1/4 of onion
  • Salt


  1. In one with approximately 1 1/2 liters of water we will bring the chilies and tomatoes to a boil, once they are very soft we will remove them from the heat, drain them and place them in the blender, add the garlic, onion and salt and blend for 2 minutes or until well ground.
  2. We serve in a sauce boat or a container of our preference.

Enjoy your meal!

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